I obtained a bachelor in anthropology and development sociology and a bachelor in philosophy from the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands. In 2017, I was a research assistant with the Nijmegen Centre for Border Research where I worked with Dr. Joris Schapendonk’s VENI project, Fortress Europe as a Intramobile Space to investigate the relation between vehicles, borders and migration. In August 2018, I graduated from the Gender and Ethnicity research master from Utrecht University the Netherlands. During my studies in Utrecht I specialized in borders, migration and mobility. My master thesis investigated the infrastructures of deportations and explored how “migrants/refugees” are deported from Lesvos to Turkey under the EU-Turkey statement. For my dissertation at MOVES, I will continue to investigate practices of removal and deportation. From an intersectional and infrastructural approach, my research aims to rethink and historicize removal and expulsion to deepen our understanding of deportation as both a condition of modernity and as one of its contemporary practices.

E-mail: p.teunissen (at) fu-berlin.de