Position:  Senior Lecturer

Department: Ibero-American Studies

E-mail: radek.buben@ff.cuni.cz

Phone: +420603251823

Postal address: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, Centre for Ibero-American Studies, Hybernská 3, Praha 1, Nové město, 110 00, Czech Republic

Radek Buben studied history, international relations and political science at Charles University, and has been teaching there since 2006. He focuses mainly on modern Latin American History, history of Political Science, comparative democratization, pop-culture, and theories of state. Within the field of Latin American studies, countries of his main interest are Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela. He teaches courses on Latin American political systems, modern Latin American History and theories of populism. He spent longer academic stays in London (Queen Mary University), and in Nicaragua. He published books on history of Bolivia and Latin American left (Que el pueblo mande, Prague 2012), several book chapters on Bolivia and Venezuela, and co-authored article on electoral systems (Proportional Representation, Large District Magnitude and Closed Lists, World Political Science).

Radek Buben will co-supervise one MOVES research project: “Intermediation, Intercommunication: Go-Betweens and Translators”.