The Migration Museum is reopening with a new immersive exhibition, Departures – exploring 400 years of emigration from Britain.

About this Event

British emigration has been one of the largest movements of people in modern history. Tens of millions of people have left the British Isles over the past 400 years.

Today, some 75 million people across the world self-identify as having British ancestry, greater than the population of the UK itself. But while immigration dominates headlines and debates, Britain’s emigration story is often overlooked.

Why is this? Who are the many millions who have departed these shores and why did they go? Can exploring the motivations of those who leave help us better understand the motivations of people who arrive? What impact has this mass movement had on the world – and on Britain?

Join us at 7.30pm – 8.30pm on Thursday 29th October for the Departures virtual launch, hosted by George Alagiah, BBC News presenter, author and distinguished friend of the Migration Museum.

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