Project Name Universities Title
1 Carmen Tasser Kent / Porto European Identity Building Through Migration
2 Rosario Rizzo Lara Kent / Berlin Contemporary Migration Flows to the US: The Case of Central America
3 Kent / Montpellier Conceptualizing the Socio-Economic and Political Factors Shaping Migration: Evidence from Southern Europe
4 Madeline Bass Berlin / Kent Settler, Migrant, Traveller, Slave: Understanding How Colonial-Era Identities Shape the Lives of Immigrants
5 Peter Teunissen Berlin / Porto Resonating Particularities: Deportation and Expulsion in Past and Present
6 Daniel Córdoba Berlin / Prague Unfree Labour, Escape, and Subjection: Control of Mobility and Agency in Migrant Domestic Workers
7 Ryan Tristram-Walmsley Porto / Kent Paradise Postponed: Sadness and Homesickness in (Post)Colonial Migrants in Postwar Britain
8 Lucia Bonilla Lara Porto / Prague Migration Consultants: The New Hubs of Humanitarian Control
9 Nawal Karroum Porto / Montpellier “Africa” in the Avignon Festivals (2000-2020): Cultural Practices, Identities and Encounters
10 Iva Dodevska Montpellier / Prague Constructing the Immigrant Threat in Postcolonial Britain: Securitisation, Racialisation And The (Re)invention of ‘Britishness’
11 Viktoryia Vaitovich Montpellier / Porto Invariant Features of Forced Migration and Labour Exploitation: a Study of Transnational Circular Mobility Among Polish Migrants in the Context of Neo-Liberal Economic Transformations
12 Rituparna Rana Montpellier / Berlin The ‘Postmemory’ of the 2nd and 3rd Generation Partition Migrants: Revisiting the 1947 Partition of India from the side of the Bengal Borders
13 Laura Brody Prague / Montpellier
Heroes and Villains in British Literary Arts: Relations between Europe and Islam since the Early Modern Period
14 Cornel Borit Prague / Berlin A Typology of Migration Myths: Describing the Political Significance of Migration Myths in the Caribbean and Eastern European migration literature
15 Zoheb Mashiur Prague / Kent Whitewashed Headstones: Racial Hierarchies in Memorialization of Migrant Soldiers of the British Empire