Project Name Universities Title
1 Carmen Tasser Kent / Porto Intentions and Imaginations of Migration Among Minority Group Members in the Pre-migration Phase: A Study of Migration Imaginations in Estonia and Italy; defended 5 June 2023
2 Rosario Rizzo Lara Kent / Berlin La Caminata del Migrante as a Social Movement:The Framing and Making of the October 2018 Migrant Caravan; defended 21 February 2023
3 Naiara Rodríguez Peña Kent / Montpellier Emigration from ‘Destination’: The Unfulfilled Migration Aspirations of the Precariat in  the ‘Global North’; defended 28 June 2023, with distinction
4 Madeline Bass Berlin / Kent Oromo Women in the Afterlives of Empire: Imperial Spaces and Geography Guraacha; defended 30 January 2023
5 Peter Teunissen Berlin / Porto The Architecture of Enmity: Mobility and Imperial (Re)configurations of the Evros/Meriç Riverscape; defended 19 October 2023
6 Completed by Madeline Bass and Peter Teunissen Berlin / Prague Functional Relationships Between Different Forms of Slavery and Types of Migration in Past and Present


7 Ryan Tristram-Walmsley Porto / Kent Oceans of Feeling: An Emotional History of Caribbean Migrants in Postwar Britain; defended 20 March 2023, with distinction
8 Lucia Bonilla Lara Porto / Prague Knowledge as a Product: Dilemmas and Utopias of Consulting in the Field of Migration; defended 8 June 2023
9 Iva Dodevska Montpellier / Prague Europe and its Others: Migrant Integration in Research and Policy; defended 18 September 2023, with distinction
10 Viktoryia Vaitovich Montpellier / Porto Polish Labour Migration: A Study of Transnational Mobility in the Context of Economic Transformation; defended 19 May 2023
11 Laura Brody Prague / Montpellier Between East and West: Blurred Boundaries of Belonging in Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey
12 Cornel Borit Prague / Berlin
Literary Responses to Migration Myths in Post-World War II Britain: The ‘Windrush Generation’ and East European Migration After 2004; defended 12 September 2023
13 Zoheb Mashiur Prague / Kent Martial Voices: Race, Gender and Loyalty in Representations of the Indian Army in World War I; defended 19 April 2023