Academic Publications

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Conference Presentations

Madeline J. Bass. “Racist Discourse, Social Inequality, and Epidemics.” Oromo Studies Association Mid-Year Conference, 16 May 2020.

Madeline J. Bass. “Humanitarian Needs and Observations from the ORA Archives.” Oromo Relief Association Global Launch, 5 December 2020.

Madeline J. Bass. “Sovereignty of the Soul: Oromo organizations in pursuit of self-determination.” 5th Annual Conference of the Network of Oromo Studies: Self-determination: Prospects and predicaments in Ethiopia with special reference to Oromia, 27 February 2021.

Madeline J. Bass, and Peter Teunissen. “Decolonial methods in studying and politically engaging in migrations: what can we learn from each other?” Workshop Decolonial Methods, Peripheral Selves: The Migrant Figure Between (South)East European and Global South Entanglements, Justus Liebig University of Giessen, 13 July 2020.

Madeline J. Bass. “Decolonial Knowledge and Post-Imperial Sates: Oromo Archives in Germany” presentation as part of a panel discussion alongside Solomon Benti, Dr. Mekuria Bulcha, Aster Gemeda, and Ayantu Tibeso. Oromo Studies Association Mid-Year Conference. 24-25 April 2021.

Madeline J. Bass. “Oromo Women in the Afterlives of Empire.” Heritage Hybridisations: Concepts, Scales, and Spaces. UNA Europa PhD Workshop. 10-12 May 2021.

Madeline J. Bass. “Re/Locating Resistance in the Diaspora: A Study of the Horn of Africa.” Identities in Flux: Past Presents and Futures of Migrant Communities across Europe. Hosted by University College Dublin Humanities Institute. 13-14 May 2021.

Madeline J. Bass. “Hiriira Temporalities; Mapping Oromo liberation in the German diaspora.” American Sociological Association Annual Conference, session stream Transnational Social Movements. 10 August 2021.

Madeline J. Bass. “Will the revolution be archived?”, presented with J. Khadijah Abdurahman, Ayantu Tibeso, and Angatu Yousuf. Oromo Studies Association Annual Conference, 7 August 2021.

Cornel Borit. Presentation within the workshop “Supervision in the MSCA and beyond: Perspective of doctoral researchers”. Online conference MSCA 2020-Achieving More Together, 29 September 2020.

Cornel Borit. Presentation within the seminar: Borders and Migration: Approaches and Methods in Research and Teaching, “What Sources in Migration Studies? Reflections on Integrating Literature in Migration Research,17-24 August 2021, Liberec.

Lucía Bonilla Lara. “Migration Consultants New Hubs of Humanitarian Control.” 17th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Reflexive Migration Studies Paper Sessions Session 2, Paper 4, 2 July 2020.

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Lucía Bonilla Lara. “Migration Consultants: Positionalities and Dilemmas of Knowledge Workers.” Conference: The Moral Economies of Knowledge Production on Migration: Conflicts, Values, Positionalities. Track I, Panel 3: Ordering Migration (Co) Producers and Productions Sites. IMIS, University of Osnabrück. 3 December 2020.

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Iva Dodevska. “Epistemic Racism? The Conspicuous Absence of Race in Migration Research.” PSA Annual Conference 2021 (SG Race, Migration and Intersectionality), Queen’s University Belfast, 29-31 March 2021.

Zoheb Mashiur. “The Sepoy Speaks.” SOAS: Contested Boundaries and the Boundaries of Contestation, 8 September 2020.

Rituparna Rana. “The ‘Postmemory’ of 2nd and 3rd Generation Partition Migrants: Oral Narratives as an Alternative History of the 1947 Partition of India.” The Annual South Asia Graduate Student Conference, The University of Chicago, Chicago, USA, 5-7 March 2020.

Rituparna Rana. “Women’s Body – Legitimacy & Violence: Reading the 1947 Partition trauma through literary representation.” American Comparative Literature Association Annual ConferenceConfiguring Trauma and Ideology Representation, Chicago, USA, 19-21 March, 2020.

Rituparna Rana. “Oral Narratives of 1947 Partition of India: Linguistic Strategies of Healing and Negotiation with Trauma.” IMISCOE PhD Network Presentation Series 2021, 1 June 2021.

Rosario Rizzo Lara. “Rethinking Migration as a Social Movement.” Conversations with PhDs, University of Kent, 15 March 2021.

Rosario Rizzo Lara. “The implementation of the New Migration Policy in Mexico: Rhetoric of a Human Rights-based Approach.” Panel: Human Rights in Latin America. International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention “Globalization, Regionalism and Nationalism: Contending Forces in World Politics”, 6-9 April 2021.

Rosario Rizzo Lara. “De la Clandestinidad a la Luz: Resilience Mechanisms Developed by Central American Migrants.” M5 Panel: Migrant Identity and Belonging. 25th Annual World Convention of the association for the Study of Nationalities, 5-8 May 2021 (online).

Rosario Rizzo Lara, Naiara Rodríguez Pena, and Carmen Tasser. Panel “Reflecting on human and social capital: The role of soft skills for (im)mobility,” chaired by Dr Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels. IMISCOE Conference, 9 July 2021.

Naiara Rodríguez Peña. “Getting Support Through Migration: Overcoming the (Hetero)Sexualization of Migrant Networks.” SOAS: Contested Boundaries and the Boundaries of Contestation, 8 September 2020.

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Peter Teunissen. “Postcolonial configuration of EUropean deportation regimes: epistemologies of deportation studies.” Why and how should we research the deportation of foreigners? Epistemological, methodological and ethical issues in deportation studies: 3-4 September 2020, Wolverhampton (online).

Other Publications, Lectures, Interviews, and Courses

Madeline J. Bass. “Resistance is our Culture”:  An Archival Exploration of Oromo Diaspora Organizing.” Displaced Voices: A Journal of Migration, Archives and Cultural Heritage, vol. 1 (summer 2020).

Madeline J. Bass. Seminar “Mapping Diaspora; New Understandings of Space, Place, and People on the Move.” X-Student Research Group. Berlin University Alliance (Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin).

Madeline J. Bass. “Sovereignty of the Soul.” Podcast Free Oromia.

Madeline J. Bass. “Oromo Women in the Afterlives of Empire; Hybrid Resistance.” Heritage Hybridisations. Concepts, Scales and Spaces. Una Europa PhD Workshop Proceedings. Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 10-12 May 2021.

Madeline J. Bass, Zoheb Mashiur, and Peter Teunissen. Guest lecture “Methodologies for Migration” with presentations. Berlin University Alliance’s X-Student Research Group program, 8 July 2021.

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Laura Brody. “East, West and In-Between: Past and Present Imaginings.” 27 October 2021.

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Laura Brody. “Afghan Evacuees: What does the future hold?” 18 November 2021.

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Iva Dodevska. “A brief history of the position of women and girls in Afghanistan.” 26 October 2021.

Iva Dodevska. “Life under Taliban rule: Women and girls in Afghanistan.” 26 October 2021.

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