The latest issue of the Scopus-listed academic journal Litteraria Pragensia: Studies in Literature & Culture on “Migration and Intercultural Communication”, edited by Martin Procházka and Petra Johana Poncarová, has been published. It features essays based on lectures from the MOVES Induction Month and contributions by MOVES researchers, staff members, and representatives of partner institutions. The whole issue is available in the open access mode.

Martin Procházka: Migration and Intercultural Communication: An Introduction
William O’Reilly: Trade in Strangers: Curiosity, Travel and the Recruitment of Migrants
Peter Burschel: Purity: The Emergence of a Cultural Code in Early Modern Europe
Matthew Pratt Guterl: White Supremacy: American Style
Clare Wallace: The Camp and the Journey: Aesthetic Encounters with Forced Migration
Zoheb Mashiur: “A Very Entertaining Book”: The Ventriloquism of Rudyard Kipling’s The Eyes of Asia
Markéta Křížová: Slavery and Liberation Observed from the Margins of the Atlantic: Reflections of Overseas Colonization in The Book of Joseph (1783-1784)
Mirka Horová: Revisiting the Golden Age: Brexit, Migration and the Rhetoric of National Identity