Naiara holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Deusto, Spain (2017), a MSc in Migration and Ethnic studies from the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Netherlands (2018, cum laude), as well as a MSc in Political Economy (UvA; 2019?). Her studies have focused on migration dynamics, the intersection between migration, sexuality and race, and the interplay between broad processes of social transformation and migration dynamics. She gained an understanding of the relation between developmental processes and migration while collaborating with the Migration as Development (MADE) project at UvA. While at MADE, she conducted research on how transformation in a rural, frontier Brazilian town affected its migration dynamics and its socio-economic structure.

Coming to MOVES with the same acute interest in social transformation processes and migration dynamics, and drawing from MADE’s theoretical perspective, Naiara examines how the developmental socio-economic, cultural and political actions carried out by four Southern European states have historically shaped the mobility strategies of individuals, focusing on the post-WWII period. The objective of the research is to comprehend how macro-level changes shaped the aspirations and capabilities to migrate, and the role that the state plays in this process.

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