Position: Academic Director

Department: Brussels School of International Studies

E-mail: A.K.Von-Koppenfels@kent.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)1227 816310

Postal address: Brussels School of International Studies, University of Kent, Boulevard Louis Schmidt 2a, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

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Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels worked in the Research Unit of the International Organization for Migration, Geneva, Switzerland, and taught at the University of Münster before coming to the Brussels School of International Studies, University of Kent in 2005. She has convened the MA International Migration since 2008. Her main interests are within the broad disciplines of both political science and sociological and focus on citizenship and political integration; identity as a component of migrant integration; diaspora and identity. Her most recent publication looks at migrant aspiration – what factors play a role in potential migrants’ reflections? She studies US citizens as a migrant group, setting them and their migration motives, identity and integration in broader perspective, with one objective being to develop a more nuanced understanding of the concept of the migrant.

Her publications include: Modeling American Migration Aspirations: How Capital, Race, and National Identity Shape Americans’ Ideas about Living Abroad (2018); Migrants or Expatriates? Americans in Europe (2014); ‘The distance between us’: a comparative examination of the technical, spatial and temporal dimensions of the transnational social relationships of highly skilled migrants (2015); ‘Gotta go visit family’: reconsidering the relationship between tourism and transnationalism (2015).​

Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels will co-supervise one MOVES research project: “Historical Migration Flows in an Economic and Political Perspective”.